TPA is partnering with Piiva, a leader in mind performance training. Piiva provides an app-based mind performance program that gives coaches a new approach to help players increase the consistency of their mindset and overall play.

Piiva’s core program requires approximately one hour of practice per week over 8-weeks. Players learn techniques including meditation, visualization, breathwork and biofeedback. These help players with establishing a focused mindset and improves their body awareness to increase their technical play (tennis overview).

Pricing - through TPA, the following pricing is available. This pricing is per player and includes a year subscription plus an individual biofeedback unit:

  • 1-players: $215, 5-players: $210 and 10+ players: $200
  • Remote group coaching session are optional 

More information - please reach out to Robert Hartt at robert@piiva.com

Piiva website - www.piiva.com