Le Petit Tennis

Le Petit Tennis (LPT) (3-5 yrs)

Tennis Canada and the Provincial Tennis Associations are using Le Petit Tennis to get kids engaged in tennis at a young age. LPT is a visual story program to help children of ages 3-5 to discover tennis through a series of engaging stories while travelling across countries and cultures reaching all backgrounds. Please note that this online professional development opportunity counts as a half-day recertification.

Active Start
This stage of development is to promote the love of physical activity while laying the foundation for future enjoyment of tennis. Participants learn moving patterns, balance and coordination while having fun doing a variety of physical activities.
General Objectives
Instil a love of sport and being physically active by introducing kids to tennis using the appropriate modified progressive tennis equipment.
Online Certification Course Now Available
Le Petit Tennis is now proud to offer an online certification course available to all coaches and community tennis enthusiasts. For more information and to take the course, click here.
How to get LPT into your facility
Please contact your Provincial Tennis Association on how to be trained to deliver a LPT program.

Example Excercises

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