BCWSA Tennis Coaching Resources

BCWSA Launches Two Wheelchair Tennis Coaching Resources

We all know that wheelchair tennis is a fun sport that can be played by athletes of all levels of disability. Sometimes, however, it's tough for new coaches to know where to start. That's why we've created two great resources that we're proud to share with you for free.

Wheelchair Tennis Coaching Manuals

We have created a coaching manual to help new coaches support their athletes. This resource is free and can be downloaded here. In it, you'll learn how to work with athletes with different disabilities, how to set up a chair, and how to coach a beginner in simple drills.

Wheelchair Tennis Have a Go Instructional Video

BCWSA partnered with the Bridging the Gap program and Tennis Canada to create a video resource for beginning wheelchair tennis coaches and program coordinators. This series of videos will take you step by step through how to coach a beginner in wheelchair tennis.

It includes the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • What equipment is needed to play wheelchair tennis
  • How to tape a quad player's hand
  • Wheelchair tennis self rally progressions
  • Wheelchair tennis cooperative rally progressions
  • Fun games like Maniac Tennis

You can watch the videos by clicking here.