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MINE! An Illustrated Guide to Women's Doubles

MINE! is the most approachable, useful tennis book on the market. Designed to coach doubles players of all levels to:
- Have better positioning on the court.
- Feel confidence where and how to move.
- Give players noticeable, winning results, right away!

By summarizing the most common challenges tennis players experience when playing doubles, Uros provides effective solutions to meet those challenges

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On the Ball: Doubles Tactics for Recreational Players - Gyata Stormon


On the Ball: Doubles Tactics for Recreational Players is a comprehensive guide to modern doubles play. The book is organized into bite-size topics and is illustrated with more than 200 easy-to-understand diagrams. Coaches can use it to better understand the needs of their students when planning doubles lessons or coaching teams. It can also be used as a student “textbook.”

Gyata Stormon is a three-time senior doubles champion and certified TPA Coach since 1995.

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