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Background Checks for Individuals and Organizations

All Organizations and individuals involved in delivery tennis in Canada should conduct regular

Background Checks through Sterling Talent Solutions

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Background Checks are an important screening policy to protect children, earn the trust of parents, manage risk and liability and improve the quality of people involved in tennis.  Clubs, organizations and individuals (including coaches, volunteers, administrators, officials, parent chaperones and course facilitators) should have an up-to-date Background Check completed prior to involvement.


Preferred pricing and benefits available for Coaches and Organizations

The TPA has accessed the relationship between Sterling Talent Solutions (Sterling) and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to provide preferred rates on Background Checks (through Sterling’s platform) for everyone involved in the sport of tennis in Canada.

To conduct your own Individual Check or to set up an account for your organization, use the links below:

Sterling’s Page for Tennis in Canada Background Checks (Organizations and Individuals)

Step-by-Step Instructions



The benefits of using Sterling’s platform for Background Checks include: 

For Individuals (Coaches, Volunteers, Officials, Administrators):

  • Preferred rate of $25 applies to the enhanced Background Check called the Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC)
  • Receive your Check in one business day
  • Electronic access to your own Check for future use
  • Easily share your Checks with multiple organizations for FREE

For Organizations:

  • Preferred rate of $25 can be offered to your employees, volunteers or contracts
  • Efficient system that provides Checks within one business day
  • Benefit from an on-line, centralized account to keep track of Checks for all employees, contractors and volunteers
  • Set up your account to cover the fee for certain groups or set up applicant paid Checks


For more information about Sterling Talent Solutions and general information about Background Checks, please reference FAQs.

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