Safeguarding Tennis


 The Safeguarding Tennis initiative supports the Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) initiated and coordinated by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). The goal is to create coach led, athlete focused, safe & fun sport environments for both players and coaches that reflect the values of Excellence, Professionalism, Passion, Service and Integrity.    



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We all play a part in making sure that our sport provides safe and positive environments for participants to enjoy and prosper in tennis. Safeguarding Tennis helps coaches and organizations lead the way by: 

  • Recognizing the responsibility we all have in creating a safe and respectful sport environment
  • Streamlining the process for Background Checks
  • Strengthening policies and procedures regarding child safety
  • Promoting child safety protocols in everyday practice
  • Giving coaches and organizations the tools and information to be leaders in fostering safe and enjoyable tennis environments 

All tennis coaches and organizations are encouraged to adopt as many recommendations, as reasonably possible, from the Safeguarding Tennis initiative outlined below:




New Code of Conduct and Declaration of Good Character

Rule of Two  
Background Checks  
Additional Resources and Learning
Best Practices for Clubs and Organizations