Kids Tennis Resources


Resources are offered in many learning formats and enable coaches and parents to gain insight into how we are developing our young juniors. 

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1/2 Court Curriculum


3/4 Court Curriculum


PT Poster

PT Tournament Org. Guide


U8 Red Court Tournament Tips


Progressive Tennis Booklet




ITF PT Rules


Minor Leauge Org. Guide


Learn to Play



ITF Tennis Xpress

The ITF Tennis Xpress program was launched in November of 2012 as a part of the Tennis Play and Stay Campaign. Tennis Xpress is designed as a 6-session course of 9 hours to introduce starter adult tennis players to the game using progressive tennis balls. The aim of the course is to give players all the basic skills necessary, including serving, rallying and scoring, to play competitive tennis. Tennis Xpress is supporting National Federations, tennis facilities, club programs and coaches around the world who introduce this program by providing a series of supporting marketing resources.

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Competition Formats and Draw Sheets

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Video Resources