Learn to Play

The Learn to Play Program is designed to build a solid foundation for future success and promote enjoyment and improvement. It is a resource for instructors, programmers and play leaders to deliver effective lessons suited for this stage of development.

Learn To Play Written Curriculum Learn to Play Videos


Curriculum Structure

Fundamental Teaching Points

How to make Activities Less & More Challenging

Main Warm Up Video





I Can Rally Actvities

P1 Throw Rally

P2 Throw Crosscourt & Down the Line

P3 Floor Rally in the Alley

P4 Floor Rally with Recovery

P5 Self Rally

P6 Feed, Hit & Catch

P7 Feed & Rally

P8 Groundstroke Feed & Control

P9 Groundstroke Rally with Self Rally

P10 Rally Crosscourt

I Can Start a Point Actvities

P11 Sky Ball

P12 Flying Target

P13 Underhand Serve & Return

P14 Climb Serve Mountain

P15 Overhead Serve & Return Teams

P16 Overhead Serve & Return Crosscourt

P17 Overhead Serve to Targets


I Can Play Net Actvities

P18 Catch Ball

P19 Self Volley Keep Ups

P20 Throw to Volley

P21 Groundstroke to Volley

P22 Approach Shot & Volley

P23 Lob & Overhead

P24 Approach shot & Play Net


I Can Play Points Actvities

G1 Throw Tennis

G2 Floor Tennis

G3 Skill Olympics

G4 Rally Ball

G5 Team Cones

G6 Stop Tennis

G7 Tag Team Tennis

G8 Up & Down

G9 No Ad Game

G10 Doubles Tennis