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Coaching wheelchair tennis can present an exciting new opportunity for a tennis coach.  Past experience has shown that many seasoned coaches as well as newcomers have found the discovery of coaching wheelchair tennis an enriching experience on many levels.
Wheelchair tennis is tennis. A certified coach therefore does not have to start from scratch to learn how to coach wheelchair tennis players. The rules of the game (with the exception of the 2 bounce rule), the fundamental tactics and techniques as well as the physical and mental preparations applied to coaching able bodied players all transfer over to wheelchair tennis. The major new skill a tennis coach has to master is teaching mobility. Being able to move a wheelchair around the tennis court in the most efficient way mirrors the footwork an able bodied player needs to master in order to maximize his/her tennis game.
These mobility skills can easily be acquired through attending specific wheelchair tennis courses. Tennis Canada offers these courses on a regular basis. The Wheelchair Tennis Instructor’s manual can also be used as a self-study guide. For additional information please refer to the information below.

Developing Wheelchair Mobility

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Wheelchair Instructor Course

Coaching wheelchair tennis is a rewarding adventure and Tennis Canada certified instructors and coaches have many transferrable skills to help wheelchair players.  A specialty wheelchair Instructor course is also available for coaches who want specialized knowledge.

Please contact  Kai Schrameyer, Tennis Canada National Development Coach at Kschrameyer@tenniscanada.com to find out about course availability in your province.