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Safeguarding Tennis

     Safeguarding Tennis video    
     Safeguarding Tennis website    
On-Court Training Curriculum   Physical Development  
½ Court Progressive Tennis Curriculum   Tennis Canada Fitness Testing  
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     ½ Court Progressive Tennis Curriculum        Approach and testing method U 10-12-14 2018  
         Testing protocols U 10-12-14 2018  
Video        Observation sheet 2018  
     Intro to progressive tennis      
     Bronze Curriculum   Video  
     Silver Curriculum        20m Sprint  
     Gold Curriculum        Changes of Direction  
         Vertical Jump  
¾ Court Progressive Tennis Curriculum        Standing Broad Jump  
Print        Ball Throw  
     ¾ Court Progressive Tennis Curriculum        Med Ball Throw  
Video   U10 Development Tools (coordination)  
     Bronze Curriculum        Video of U10 Development Tools  
     Silver Curriculum      
     Gold Curriculum      
     Drill Progression      
Developing and Consolidating stages On-Court Training      
     Warm up drills      
     Groundstroke training drills      
     Net Play and transition drills      
     Serve and Return drills (return of serve)      
     Depletion drills      
     Match play      
U10 Development Tools      
     Video of U10 Development Tools      
LTAD Plan      
     LTAD Plan (complete guide)      
LTAD Competency Evaluations (Sept. 2017)      
     U9 Fundamental Stage      
     U12 & U9 Development & Fundamental Stages      
    13+ Consolidating Stage      
     Condensed Version, U9, U12, 13+ (Fund, Dev, Consol. Stages)      
      U9 Fundamental Stage - With Videos      
      U12 & U9 Development & Fundamental Stages - With Videos      
      13+ Consolidating Stage - With Videos        
Little Aces      
      U9 Fundamental Stage      
Quality Standards for High Performance      
     Checklist of Quality Standards for High Performance      
Progressive Tennis Parent Guide      
     Progressive Tennis Parent Guide      
Sample Annual Plan Templates      
      Annual Plan Template 1      
      Annual Plan Template 2      
      Annual Plan Template 3      




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