Rogers Rookie Tour

The Rogers Rookie Tour is a national program designed to bridge the gap between entry-level tennis and the provincial competitive junior circuit. Prior to 2009, Rookie Tour events were met with a great deal of success in many provinces, including Ontario, British Columbia, the Prairie and Atlantic regions. It is this success that led to the development of the national Rogers Rookie Tour program that was launched in 2009. In its inaugural year, over 150 Rogers Rookie Tour events were organized for more than 3,000 participants nationwide.

This program has the potential to reach thousands of juniors each year at tennis clubs and tennis centres throughout the country, and can encourage these players to continue through the tennis pathway to become regular competitors and/or lifelong tennis enthusiasts.

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U9 and U10 Futures Stars Circuit


U9 ¾ Court Future Stars

The U9 Advanced Tour is an event for Advanced U9 junior players who are oriented  towards the competitive stream of tennis. The Tournaments are played on a 3/4 court (Orange court and Orange ball) with a lowered net which allows for the kids to compete on a court more suited to their size.

U10 Future Stars

The U10 Advanced Tour is an event for competitive oriented U10 junior players who are ready for full court competition using the green transition ball.



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Round Robin Formats


Compass Tournament




Flight Tournament