Club Pro 3

Club Professional 3’s are trained with skills required to occupy the position of Tennis Director or Head Professional with a strong understanding of overall tennis and club business as well as leadership in staff supervisionand professional development. This course develops proficiencies and competencies in management, programming, service excellence, financial, marketing and promotion within a club. Additionally, this course develops the skills and attributes related to training and upgrading the on court skills of professional staff.

Commitment: 12 days

Minimum Age: 21 years

Minimum Industry Experience: 5 years full time (30 hours or more/week) at a large year round community club or yearly club as Coach 2 or Club Professional 2


Prerequisites: Minimum level of play: 5.0 (refer to course information page for more details)

Minimum Certification Requirement: Club Professional 2

Role in Industry: Tennis Director, Head Tennis Professional, Senior Tennis Position within a club, seasonal or community tennis facility

To maintain active certified professional status: TPA membership in addition to professional development every 2 years (or another certification course)



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