Coach 3

This performance coaching course is suitable for committed and engaged coaches who are working mostly with top competitive national junior players and who are initiating them to the early stages of the international junior circuit. The Coach 3 course focuses mainly on the role and knowledge of a performance coach as well as the requirements to progress the players at the international standards. Coach 3’s are also trained in the role of a performance coaching leadership position within an academy or club. The main course topics in this course includes: creating a culture of excellence inside a mission-vision and values as well as coaching with the purpose to push the player’s limit to consolidate the player’s identity is the foundation of the course. The coach will have the chance to deepen his knowledge around the international level; improve the design and management of a junior development program; plan and supervise a training; manage and supervise the athlete in competitions; analyze player performance; and make ethical decisions in the sporting environment.

Commitment: 30 days

Minimum Age: 21 years

Prerequisites: Minimum level of play: 5.5

Minimum Certification Requirement: Coach 2 or recognition of coaching competencies

Role in Industry: Coach at an Academy or Junior Development Program, Leadership Position in Academy, Personal or travelling Coach for Junior National or Junior International competition, Provincial Coach at Nationals, Canada Games Coach.

To maintain active certified professional status: TPA membership in addition to professional development every 2 years (or another certification course)

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