Coach 4

This advance performance coaching course is suitable for committed and engaged coaches who have a track record of working with top 100 players on the international junior circuit and/or players on the world tennis tour (transition tour).  The Coach 4 course focuses mainly on excelling in their leadership skill and ability to apply all their knowledge within their values. Major course topics include: ensuring that the coach has the most worldwide updated knowledge with the purpose to maximise the player’s performance is the foundation of the course. The coach will expand and implement his expertise around designing and managing a professional development pathway program; performance planning and coaching; managing and coaching at international competition; analyzing international players’ s performance; and make ethical coaching decision.

Commitment: 2 years

Minimum Age: 25 years

Prerequisites: Minimum level of play: 5.5

Minimum Certification Requirement: Coach 3 and completion or in progress of Advanced Coaching Diploma modules (Leadership and performance planning) by NSI.

Role in Industry: Full time Coach with a leadership Position in a performance Academy program, Personal or travelling Coach for junior players competing on the ITF junior circuit (G2 and above) or for professional players competing on the ITF world tennis tour circuit, Coach at international junior or professional team event.

To maintain active certified professional status: TPA membership in addition to professional development every 2 years (or another certification course)

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