Coach 5

This High-performance coaching certification is suitable for committed and engaged coaches who have a track record of working with top 100 players on the ATP-WTA circuit and are active for over 10 years on the international circuit. The Coach 5 program focuses on taking all aspects of training and performing into consideration so the athlete reaches their complete potential and succeed on a consistent bases to their best abilities on the professional circuit. The Coach 5 high-performance coaching model takes a targeted and personalized approach to support the training and certification process of the High-Performance Coach. This program provides formal and informal development opportunities and is supported by a variety of partners such as: Canadian Coaching Association, National Sport Institutes, Own the Podium, COC, CPC and Sport Canada.

Commitment:  undetermined; depending on the evaluation of the Coach’s competencies done by the panel and the action plan if a competency needs to be developed

Minimum Age: 30 years

Prerequisites:  Physically healthy and active

Minimum Certification Requirement: Coach 4

Role in Industry: Full time Coach on the international circuit                                                                                                        

To maintain active certified professional status: TPA membership in addition to professional development every 2 years (or another certification course)