National Bank COVID Relief Fund



Like many, TPA members were hit hard by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, the pandemic has and continues to affect the lives of our coaches, club professionals and instructors and with this in mind, the TPA and National Bank are excited to announce the joining of forces to provide a Covid relief fund in order to offset the costs of the 2021 TPA memberships for all coaches across the county. 


National Bank is proud to support the TPA and coaches across Canada to cover 50% of the cost of their 2021 TPA annual dues which are mandatory in order to coach/teach tennis in Canada. The hope of this program is to further support our coaches, professionals and instructors during this extremely uncertain Covid-19 environment. This 50% discount will be offered to the first 1000 level 1 and the first 800 level 2 TPA members that renew and maintain active status, during the period of December 1, 2020 – Feb 15, 2021 or until the max is reached for each membership level.  


How it works

The first step is to renew your TPA membership for 2021 at 50% off. If you have completed all requirements to be considered an Active TPA Member (finished all safeguarding requirements, possess up-to-date certification, and are a current TPA member) and have renewed before February 15 or the maximum number has been reached, you are eligible for the discounted price.

More info

After renewing, please take a look at the Certified Coaches List – if you do not see your name, you are missing one or more requirements to be considered an Active TPA Member. Complete any outstanding items as soon as possible to ensure you receive the promotional price.

*Due to this promotion, automatic renewals will NOT be processed. Please log into your account to renew for 2021*

Renew now

Go to your myTPA account and click on the red RENEW button to renew your membership for 2021!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Communication to Members

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Terms of Offer
Please note there will be no refunds for 2021 TPA memberships under any circumstances. By renewing your 2021 TPA membership, you agree to be charged the remaining balance of your membership fee should the deadline (February 15, 2021) or maximum threshold be reached before completing all member requirements.