National Coaches Week

National Coaches Week

National Coaches Week celebrates the positive impact coaches have on athletes, participants, and communities across Canada. The week of September 17-25th is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by saying #ThanksCoach.  With your help, the TPA would like to provide coaches with the recognition they deserve for the time they devote to ensuring Canadians live an active, healthy lifestyle.

The #ThanksCoach profile initiative is part of National Coaches Week that helps celebrate the diversity of coaches across Canada and the positive impact they have across the country.

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#ThanksCoach Profiles


Name of Coach: City: Quality 1 Quality 2 Quality 3 Submitted by:
Dany Couture Toronto, ON Respect Discipline Knowledge Mario Barrette
Bodo Elakkad  Burlington, ON Bodo is very encouraging to junior players in the ways of teaching. He seems to have magic to have children follow his lead all the time. He is always full of passion and energy when we see him coaching young people.  We would like to thank him especially for making tennis a sport interesting and something we'd like to continue for long term since the very first lesson. Nathan Zheng 
Walker Lamarche Burlington, ON Wants us to improve Makes us work hard Teaches different techniques

Adi Vasudeva

Scott Hurtubise Cambridge, ON Scott is a professional whose knowledge of tennis is extremely high He can relate to students of all ages appropriately  Always was able to deal with any situation with empathy Maureen Capel
Alan Mack West Vancouver, BC Educator Motivator Communicator Maryam Moayeri
Merhay Tesfa Endrias Montreal, QC Merhay came out to Saskatchewan (a few times!) to deliver high quality coaching certification clinics in 2021 and 2022.   His knowledge, teaching/coaching style, and encouragement were so incredible. He motivates, inspires, and makes us laugh.   Kory Dawe

Leo Liendo,

Mark Halsted,

Brandon Smith

Saskatoon, SK Leo and his staff are so welcoming and encouraging at the Lakewood Indoor Tennis Center. I also want to thank coaches Mark Halsted and Brandon Smith on his team.  They are all terrific coaches who are experienced, knowledgeable, and engaged with their students and community regardless of skill level They are supportive and help us all grow from where we are at.  I love learning from these inspiring coaches, and I look forward to more experiences and opportunities with them.  Kory Dawe
Ben Armstrong Toronto, ON Knowledgeable Caring  Coaches in a scientific way Aidan Ronan 
Asher Chapman Surrey, BC Caring
Asher is a great example of caring, he really makes a connection with each and every player, and not only teaches tennis, but keeps them in the sport by making them love it. He is such a fun person to work with and learn from.
Even though he is currently the head coach of tennis at Crescent Beach Swim Club, he still cares about tennis so much and continues to develop his game, playing in tournaments and he also took his club pro 1 course over the summer. 
I can’t think of one person I know that doesn’t like Asher, and he loves to hang out with his peers, but always maintains a good example for the children, presenting himself as a role model for everyone.
Hayden Carmichael
Brian Panovka Toronto, ON Caring Dedicated Realiable  Paul Weiser  
Sujit Das Toronto, ON  Understanding Calming Giving Paul Weiser