Quality Standards For Kids Tennis Modules


Quality Standards for Kids Tennis aims to raise the quality and consistency of children's tennis programs to provide safe environments and positive experiences that promote life-long participation.



Quality Standards for Kids Tennis Intro

Discussing why we strive to deliver quality tennis programs and how to achieve and retain quality.


Caring Instructor

Understanding the importance of being a caring instructor and how to become the most positive influence in a player’s experience.



Making Friends

Exploring the importance for kids to make friends and how to create an environment that promotes friendship, teamwork and positive peer interactions.



Active Participation

Discussing the importance of active participation and how to keep players engaged and give them abundant opportunities to practice and develop skills in each session.



Appropriate Challenge

Exploring the importance of correctly challenge players and how to create an environment that increases players’ success and their belief that they can learn new skills.




Discussing why it is essential to ensure all players experience improvement and how to create an environment where they feel more confident and inspired to continue learning and participating in sports.




Reviewing the importance of FUN, the result of applying the other 5 Quality Standards, and how to ensure players experience FUN throughout each activity and session. 


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