Nike Tennis Camps


The TPA is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Nike Tennis Camps through Sports Camps Canada, a subsidiary of US Sports Camps. These world leaders in youth sports camps are bringing their expertise to the tennis courts of Canada this summer. Founded in 1975, USSC is the largest and most successful sports camp operator. USSC has comps in over 16 different countries!

For more information please contact Matt Marchment, Athletic Director for Sports Camps Canada. You can either contact him by phone at 416-312-5300 or email With just a few details he will put together a customized business model on how partnering with Nike Tennis Camps can increase your enrollment and profitability.

For more detailed information, click on the Introduction Letter below.  

   Why Partner with Nike Tennis Camps?
  1. Gives you access to the Nike "Swoosh" an internationally recognized symbol

  2. Assists you to run a successful, well attended camp, that allows all parties involved to make a profit.

  3. Work with you to ensure both staff, and campers gain the most from their time attending a Nike Tennis Camp.

  4. Provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of marketing, customer service, and other administrative tasks operations, allowing you and your staff to focus on the tennis.

  5. YOU ARE PARTNERS IN THIS ENDEVOR! You are responsible for creating the program and hiring staff, everything else USSC is there to help you with, including marketing plans, uniforms, and liability insurance.