Club Professional Modules


As a club professional you have many duties to fulfill.  You will need to be able to act in a variety of roles, depending on the program or situation, in order to meet the needs of your players and the facility.  Some of the roles that you may need to take on, include:

  • Professional
  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Coach
  • Play Coordinator

These modules explore each of these roles and their associated best practices.


Module 1: Tennis Professional

While a club professional may wear different hats depending on the situation or program, there is a standard of professionalism that must always be upheld.  Club professionals are ambassadors of the tennis industry and leaders in their community and at their facility.  As a result, they present a professional demeanour in all of their interactions, both on and off the court.  This standard of professionalism also extends to interactions outside of their facility.  

This module consists of: Customer service, Facility operation, Safety, Programming, Marketing and Career development


Module 2: Play Coordinator

The role of Play Coordinator is an important function in a tennis facility.  The Play Coordinator uses various match or point-play formats to facilitate play while simultaneously creating the social atmosphere that gets players feeling connected to their club or facility. 

This module will look at various play formats that can be offered to different clientele.



Module 3: Teacher

The number one role of the Club Professional is to help players improve their game.  Club Professionals need to effectively transfer their knowledge so that players can acquire new skills and learnings to improve.  While Club Professionals may need to teach elements of all 4 Performance Factors (Psychological, Physical, Tactical & Technical), this module will focus on the tools needed for Tactical/Technical learning.



Module 4: Trainer

In the role of trainer, the Club Professional will help players improve their performance by expanding their learned skills and abilities.  They help players reach a new level of play by pushing them beyond their limits and encouraging them to train outside of their comfort zone.  As players refine and improve their skills, their understanding of the game is enhanced along with confidence in their own abilities. 

This module will cover a number of different skills and tools that the Club Professional must master when training players.



Module 5: Coach

In the role of coach, a club professional will help players set and achieve performance goals.  The coach helps players improve their performance in match-play by helping them understand the tactical, mental and emotional components involved in performing under the pressure of a match situation.  At many clubs, the role of Coach also involves coaching and managing club teams.  As a result, managing the dynamics of a team environment are also covered. The Coaching role requires the ability to positively manage key relationships so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to player/team goals and expectations.    


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