Kids Tennis Online Professional Development

The kids’ online modules are a series of 5 modules that provide essential information to run an effective kids’ tennis program (6-12 yrs) in your club environment.


Module 1: Core principles of Kids Tennis

In this modules you will learn about the roots of Kids tennis and how to create an effective environment where kids will be active and successful.


Module 2: Organizing Play & Competition

This module will emphasize the importance of play for kids. It will also explain the value of Competition for kids and how it can be incorporated into Team Play.



Module 3: Skill Development for kids

This module will introduce how to develop a foundation in 4 different aspects of the player’s development: psychological, physical, tactical and technical.



Module 4: Group Lesson Organization

In this module you will be introduced to the steps of a lesson and the on-court management tools to help you run play and practice activities.



Module 5: Guidelines: from recreational to competitive tennis

This module will help understand the transition from recreational to competitive tennis. It will provide a big picture by understanding the Long-term athlete development guidelines and U12 pathway. It will also describe the environment needed for competitive tennis and how to select and register for a tournament.

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