Build Your Kids Tennis Courts

Progressive Tennis (Kids Tennis) is growing rapidly in Canada over the past 9 years. Painting permanent 60 foot courts at your facility is the next step to ensure progressive tennis can easily be incorporated into your clubs programming. In 2012, Tennis Canada began providing funding to clubs interested in adding 3/4 court lines. Information regarding the grants provided can be found here.

We would like to recognize a few of the clubs who have taken advantage of our grants: 


                               TDC: North Vancouver Tennis Club                                TDC: North York Tennis Association                                          TDC: Lakewood Indoor Tennis Centre




                   Parkland Community Tennis Centre                                               Truro Community Tennis Centre                                                                    Waterloo Tennis Club


Building Tennis Communities

Tennis Canada supports Building Tennis Community like Tennis Granby who offers affordable programs to local kids. Tennis Granby painted 3/4 lines on the courts and half courts in a school backyard inviting kids of all ages to experience tennis.



                                   Tennis Granby                                                                                                            Tennis Granby Schoolyard

Tennis Court Specifications - courtesy of the USTA

Below you will find court specifications to help you build your Kids Tennis Courts. You will see that there are many ways to build the courts either on their own or through the use of blended lines on a regular sized court.

36' & 60' Blended Line Striping Plans (For Use On Existing 78' Courts)
Permanent Court Conversion - From One 78' Court to Four 36' Courts



Permanent 36' & 60' Court Details & Layouts
Permanent Clay Court Conversion - From One 78' Court to Four 36' Courts
36' & 60' Court Striping Plans (For Use On Pavement, Blacktop, & Other Flat Surfaces)
78' Tennis Court Layouts


Key safety and line break specifications:


Tennis 10s: Marking Red & Orange Courts

 A Guidance Manual (Courtesy of the ITF)