PlaySight Technology

PlaySight’s Smart Court technology is a system of six cameras that are installed around a tennis court (making it ‘Smart’). 3D visual processing powers each Smart Court to provide real-time video and analytics, a new way to train and play, and interactive and engaging coaching tools.  There are now approximately 300 Smart Courts around the world, from Roland Garros to Wimbledon to Harvard University to the USTA National Training Center, and now Tennis Canada.

In summary, PlaySight Smart Court technology unlocks a huge amount of potential in future player development by enabling the following:

  • Coach education; supports coach education by allowing coaches to train and familiarize with video bio-mechanical analysis and analytics, on the court with immediate feedback.
  • Supporting national talent search; with the right key parameter identifiers, Smart Courts can be used to recognize talent who has achieved a specific outstanding rank or capability.
  • Player performance advanced training; by using Smart Courts with high performance training, players can receive the best possible training environment, with instant feedback, advanced drills, target settings, and instant analytics. Analytics can be collected not only of matches but also for every training session.
  • Player data: by using Smart Courts from an early age, huge amounts of data can be collected about players just by letting juniors use the Smart Court. No need to wait days or spend money to receive manual data. Data can be collected over the years to track a player’s progress.
  • Make players smarter: by using Smart Courts players learn to analyze their game effectively, and become more conscious of their game.
  • Player benchmarking; using advanced drills with ball machines will allow coaches to "test" players’ performances and compare them, by comparing their achievements. 
  • Remote coaching; by using Smart Court analytics and/or live streaming, coaches can view data in real time from anywhere in the world, from all connected Smart Courts.
  • Live streaming: save huge travel costs and valuable time by being able to allow coaches to stay in their office and watch the action through live streaming. Coaches can watch many more matches. Everything streamed is automatically stored online.
  • Excitement and fun; PlaySight is a kind of video game for juniors. It helps them focus, enjoy, and work harder in training.
  • Social media; PlaySight is a social media pipeline. It easily produces social content that can be shared for professional and recreational purposes. It will keep more players in the game. This is the language the young generation speaks.​

What is PlaySight?

For those interested in learning more about the technology, here are videos to find out more:

PlaySight's Tennis Tips 1
  PlaySight's Tennis Tips 2

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Also, be sure to download the free PlaySight Tennis App (iOS and Android devices).