Stage 1 - Active Start



The overall focus in this stage is to promote a passion for physical activity while laying the foundation for the lifelong enjoyment of sport for boys/girls ages 0-5/6. The participant learns to move efficiently emphasizing agility, balance and coordination while participating in a variety of physical activities and most importantly, unstructured play.

The General Objectives are to:

  • Instil a love for sport and physical activity through tennis
  • Introduce tennis with appropriate sized ball, racquet and court
  • Introduce hand-eye coordination (striking an object)
  • Introduce a variety of fundamental movement/ motor skills (running, jumping, throwing, catching, agility, balance, coordination)
  • Promote a self-confidence in an enjoyable, safe, supportive environment
  • For wheelchair tennis:
    • Promote wheelchair tennis as a option
    • Experience lots of wheelchair activities                                                            




Le Petit Tennis

Le Petit Tennis is a visual story-based tennis program to help children of ages 3 to 5 to discover tennis through a series of engaging stories while traveling across countries and cultures reaching all backgrounds. The extraordinary voyages incorporate a story and image based component that allows for better communication with children and maximizes their attention span and focus. Kids learn in a safe fun environment with small-format courts and age-adapted equipment like large inflatable balls, lower nets, and smaller racquets.       


Talent ID

In an effort to increase both the number and quality of young players playing the game of Tennis, Tennis Canada has developed a recruitment, motor skills, and tennis development program that are intended primarily for children 5 to 7 years of age. On the day of the event every child is run through a battery of 13 skills that measures gross motor skills. Children who achieve the highest scores overall will receive an invitation to train in a year round Little Aces tennis program during which they develop their physical, athletic and tennis skills under the supervision of experts who conduct regular follow-ups with them.


Le Petit Tennis – Hunters & Rabbits


Le Petit Tennis - Crocodile Hunter













Le Petit  Tennis Introduction

Le Petit Tennis Program Elements



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