Club Pro 1

Club Professional 1

Club Professional 1’s are trained with the skills required to become an entry level assistant pro at an indoor facility or community club leader. This course develops the skills and attributes required to deliver private and group lessons (1.0 – 3.5 level), design basic lesson content, run introductory programs (socials, round robins, and tournaments) and provide solid customer service to members.

Commitment: 9 days

Minimum Age: 17 years

Prerequisites: Minimum level of play: 4.5 (refer to course information page for more details)

Minimum Industry Experience: Candidates must have 150 hours of tennis teaching work experience or if less have passed the Instructor course with honors.

Minimum Certification Requirement: Instructor

Role in Industry: Entry Level Club Professional at year round facility; Club Professional at community or seasonal

facility: Park and Rec Program Leader

maintain active certified professional status: TPA membership in addition to professional development every 3 years (or another certification course)


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