Club Pro 2

Club Professional 2’s are trained with skills required to become a solid, well-rounded club pro at an indoor facility or a leader at a season facility or community club. This course develops the knowledge and competencies required to ensure the development of red, orange, green court and U-12 recreational and competitive players, recreational and competitive adults in both single and doubles (up to 4.5 level) and provides a sound understanding of the business as it relates to the tennis department.

Commitment: 16 days

Minimum Age: 20 years

Minimum Industry Experience: 2 years full time at year round facility, or 5 years at seasonal facility or community club

Prerequisites: Minimum level of play: 5.0 (refer to course information page for more details)

Minimum Certification Requirement: Club Professional 1

Role in Industry: Full Time Club Professional, Head Professional at community or seasonal facility

To maintain active certified professional status: TPA membership in addition to professional development every 2 years (or another certification course)


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